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Everything You Need To Know

Many home sellers and their agents are hoping you don't know what you're getting into in order to get the most money they can. Don't pay too much for a home that isn't up to standards based on the price. Give yourself some leverage by knowing the facts so you don't get taken advantage of.

To make an informed decision about an investment as large as buying or selling a home, you need all the information you can get. Getting this important market info is not easy to acquire on your own, that is why we provide a tool to make it simple.

Get The Highest Price

Effective marketing is the key to selling your home quickly and getting the highest price. Aggressive, effective marketing of our Clients' homes by every available medium is how we've become one of the leading Portland real estate firms. It's our job to assure you get as many qualified offers as possible, allowing you to extract the highest price the market will bear.

One of the most important elements of marketing your home effectively is setting the price right. Set the price too high, and you won't get any offers and your home will take too long to sell. Set it too low and you cheat yourself by not getting your home's full, fair value. As experts in the Portland real estate market, we analyze community data and set area home prices every single day. We'll work closely with you to assure that everything possible is done to get the highest price, in the time frame you need.

The condition and appearance of your home are also critical factors in getting the best price for your home. We'll personally walk through your home with you and advise you of what you can do to properly stage your home most effectively. Some areas are much more important and more likely to pay off than others! Often, the buyer is motivated by emotional responses as much or more than financial issues. There are usually things we can point out to you that are easy and inexpensive, yet go a long way toward triggering those "buy" emotions.

As your Portland real estate partner, Park Place Real Estate will negotiate furiously on your behalf throughout the entire process to ensure that your best interests are protected.

Pricing Your Home

Once we have prepared a Comparative Market Analysis and reviewed it with you, we will need to determine the most appropriate price to market your home at. Everyone selling a home has different goals that need to be factored in when calculating the selling price. Is your goal to get the maximum sales price for your house, and if so, are you willing to have your house on the market for many months? Is your goal to sell your home quickly, and if so, are you willing to sacrifice some of your potential profits to sell more quickly? Would you like to establish a balance between selling your home quickly and selling at the top end of market value?

Market conditions will play a role in setting the sales price of your house as well. We will factor in how quickly houses are selling in your area, current interest rates (which impact the buyers looking at your home), the strength and desirability of the local school system, and finally whether it is a buyer's or seller's market. We'll then recommend a price at which to list your home which takes into account your goals as well as the local market.

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